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Bonita Springs, Florida - Carwash
On this Web Site, you will find information from How to get Started, How to Draw Plans, How to get a Building Permit, How to Calculate the Electrical Loads, How to Calculate the A/C Loads, How to Calculate Structural Loads, How to Calculate Windloads, How things go together, what is accepted by the Florida Building Departments, when submitted by an Individual (Do It Yourself), and when you will need an Architect or Engineer to prepare the drawings.

It must be noted that All of the information provided in the Web Site is specifically for the State of Florida. Therefore, any information taken from this Web Site that is intended to be used in any other State or Jurisdiction, must be Verified in that Jurisdiction. The information on this Web Site is based on the Florida Building Code. Please Verify with your specific Building Department as to the acceptance of Plans and Data, since there are certain Municipalities that have adopted local Ordinances or regulations that conflict, or circumvent the Florida Building Code requirements. In any event, the Local Municipalities or Jurisdictions may be more stringent in their requirements than the Florida Building Code, but they can never be less stringent.

We have provided a list of Web Sites for all of the Building Codes and Building Departments for the 50 States. From these Links you should be able to find the Building Departments and / or information for the Building Code for the selected State.

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This Web Site is Dedicated to the People. We hope that this Web Site will provide the information necessary to understand the Construction process from the Beginning to the End.

For those that have experience in Construction, we hope to bring to one location the information and links necessary to add to your Knowledge Base. We do not have all of the answers, but we hope that what you find here will be of help to you.

To those who are wanting to get involved in the construction of an Addition, do some Remodeling around your House, Build your First House, Build a Warehouse, Build a Church, Build a Carwash or Dental Building or any of a number of other types of Buildings, we believe that we will be able to assist you with some guidance, based on our many years of experience (since 1960) in Construction.

This Web Site is not full of Bells and Whistles, rather, we try to go immediately to the Subject matter.

In developing this Web Site, we visited many Web Sites and found that most bounced all over the place, and it was very difficult to find the desired information. We hope you don't have that problem here. We hope to bring you as much information as possible that will assist you in developing your project.

As we continue to build our Web Site, we will be adding new links to our sponsors, who are willing to assist you with your Special Construction needs.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide personal assistance. Our time and efforts are to continue to expand the information on our Web Site.

As we receive support from our site visitors, we will continue to add more help information.